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This command is used to construct a ShellNL element object, a lagrangian nine-noded shell element.

element ShellNL $eleTag $node1 $node2 ... $node9 $secTag

$eleTag unique element object tag
$node1 ... $node9 nine nodes defining element boundaries, input is the typical, firstly four corner nodes counter-clockwise, then mid-side nodes counter-clockwise and finally the central node.
$secTag tag associated with previously-defined SectionForceDeformation object.

Currently must be either a PlateFiberSection, or ElasticMembranePlateSection


  1. The valid queries to a Quad element when creating an ElementRecorder object are 'forces', 'stresses,' and 'material $matNum matArg1 matArg2 ...' Where $matNum refers to the material object at the integration point corresponding to the node numbers in the isoparametric domain.


set t 10.0
model basic -ndm 3 -ndf 6
nDMaterial ElasticIsotropic 1 200000 0.3
nDMaterial PlateFiber 2 1
section PlateFiber 3 2 $t
element ShellNL      1      1     27     29      3     14     28     16      2     15   3 


Zienkiewicz o.c., Taylor r.l. vol. 2. The finite element method. Solid mechanics. Elsevier 2000

Code Developed by: Leopoldo Tesser, Diego A. Talledo