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This command is used to construct a ConvergenceTest object. Certain SolutionAlgorithm objects require a ConvergenceTest object to determine if convergence has been achieved at the end of an iteration step. The convergence test is applied to the matrix equation, AX=B stored in the LinearSOE.

test testType? arg1? ...

The type of convergence test created and the additional arguments required depends on the testType? provided in the command.

The following contain information about testType? and the args required for each of the available test types:

test Command Equation

  1. Norm Unbalance Test
  2. Norm Displacement Increment Test
  3. Energy Increment Test
  4. Relative Norm Unbalance Test
  5. Relative Norm Displacement Increment Test
  6. Total Relative Norm Displacement Increment Test
  7. Relative Energy Increment Test
  8. Fixed Number of Iterations