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This command is used to define spatial dimension of model and number of degrees-of-freedom at nodes. Once issued additional commands are added to interpreter.

model BasicBuilder -ndm $ndm <-ndf $ndf>

$ndm spatial dimension of problem (1,2, or 3)
$ndf number of degrees of freedom at node (optional)
default value depends on value of ndm:
ndm=1 -> ndf=1
ndm=2 -> ndf=3
ndm=3 -> ndf=6

These additional commands allow for the construction of Nodes, Masses, Materials (nDMaterial Command, uniaxialMaterial Command), Sections, Elements, LoadPatterns, TimeSeries, Transformations, Blocks and Constraints. These additional commands are described in the subsequent chapters.


model basic -ndm 2 -ndf 3; # 2 spacial dimensions, 3 DOF's per node


Code Developed by: fmk