FrictionModel Command

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The frictionModel command is used to construct a friction model object, which specifies the behavior of the coefficient of friction in terms of the absolute sliding velocity and the pressure on the contact area. The command has at least one argument, the friction model type. Each type is outlined below.

frictionModel frnMdlType? arg1? ...

The type of friction model created and the additional arguments required depend on the frnMdlType? provided in the command.

The following contain information about frnMdlType? and the args required for each of the available friction model types:

The following friction model response quantities can be recorded through the ElementRecorder object, as long as the element has a friction model associated with it:

normalForce, velocity, frictionForce, COF


recorder Element -file Elmt.out -time -ele 1 frictionModel normalForce