Welcome! This page contains some useful programs for people using OpenSees.

Cypress is a file editor for OpenSees.It is developed, released and maintained by Mazdak Shojaie.

OpenSees Navigator
OpenSeesNavigator is a matlab interface for OpenSees. It allows users to quickly create models, perform analysis, and look at the results. It runs on windows machines. For more information visit the website or contact Andreas Schellenberg or Tony Yang directly.

NextFEM Designer
NextFEM Designer is a user friendly Finite Element Analysis program, which can be used alone or to be a pre- or post- processor for several widely used FEM programs (i.e. OOFEM, SAP2000, Midas GEN, OpenSees, ABAQUS/CalculiX, Zeus-NL, and others)

ETO(ETABS To OpenSees) developed by Dr. Dino Chen , is a pre-process and post- process program for OpenSees. Building model and checking analysis result can proceed in the integrated user interface of ETO. The operation of ETO is entirely based on 3D environment, and the graphic display can change between plane view, elevation view and three-dimensional view. It is different from other pre-process program for OpenSees in that ETO can import s2k(Sap2000 v6) file generated by ETABS and there is no need for users to relearn the basic methods of building model. In the respect of pre-processing, the major functions of ETO include:

(1) Definition of frame section. Users only need to input the relative arguments such as sectional dimension, steel bars area, number of fibers, element types, to realize the dividing of cross section, the definition of frame element easily.

(2) Check of model information. Users can query the information such as nodal label, label of element, local axes of element, diaphragm, restraint, nodal load, load of element conveniently.

(3) Settings of analysis and recorder arguments. Users can choose different analysis types(modal analysis, pushover, time history analysis, multiple support excitation and so on), control cases(load control case, displacement control case) and analysis results to be recorded(nodal displacement, force of element and deformation of section) according to the actual needs.

In the respect of post-process, ETO can show the analysis results of OpenSees visually, including nodal displacement, deformation of section and modal shapes.