Welcome! This page contains some useful information for you brave souls who wish to get involved in the code development of OpenSees.

DocumentationBefore you begin and for when you get stuck there is always the documentation. For new users to OpenSees, have a look at the primers to get yourselves more familiar with the overall design. For you programmers who need to understand the inner workings of the classes have a look at the Class Specifications.
Browse the Source CodeBrowse the up-to-the-minute latest version of the source code online.
SVNThose doing active development can check out the latest source using git. The OpenSees source code is stored in GitHub. Git lets you obtain up-to-the-date versions of code and merge them with your own. Details are on our GIT page
BuildsLook at the build instructions to find out how to compile this beast on your platform. If you are working on a new platform and get the beast to run, provide us with the details to save others your pain.
ContributeTo contribute code, submit your changes to following the instructions. If the code changes are approved they'll be committed.

If you're a frequent contributor or if you're contributing your own module you may be given write access to our SVN repository so you can commit the changes yourself.

Message BoardTo talk to other developers who may be able to assist you with problems leave a message on our developers message board. We encourage all developers to visit the message board often to see what others are working on and to assist other brave souls who may be having problems.
TestingBefore any code gets committed it needs to be tested. See the guidlines for testing the code.
BugsShould any bugs get passed our strict testing procedures!, we would encourage anybody who finds one to report it following the procedures outlined for Bugs.
Style GuidleinesEvery experienced programmer has his own style. For those contributing code and for new users we would encourage you to follow the Style Guidlines. This is to make it more easier for others to follow your code.