BuildingTcl provides a graphical user interface for OpenSees. It was developed by Dr. Silvia Mazzoni, Degenkolb Engineers, to aid practicing structural engineers use OpenSees. It builds upon a library of tcl procedures providing a higher level input language for modelling buildings.

Documentation for BuildingTcl can be found in the BuildingTcl article in the OpenSeesWiki.

Documentaion can also be found in presentations given by Dr. Mazzoni at the OpenSees Days 2010 Workshop.

Further documentation can be found on Dr. Mazzoni's You Tube channel

And here is another video on PEER's website

BuildingTcl requires the OpenSeesTk binary. For windows users this is available on the download page. For Unix users the OpenSeesTk should be built in the make process. If it is not, type 'make tk', in the OpenSees directory.

BuildingTcl is now available for use to all on NEEShub through the buildingtcl tool .

The BuildingTcl software is now stored using Apache Subversion (SVN) software. SVN provides the means to store not only the current version of a piece of source code, but a record of all changes (and who made those changes) that have occurred to that source code. Use of SVN is particularly common on projects with multiple developers, since SVN ensures changes made by one developer are not accidentally removed when another developer posts their changes to the source tree.

SVN Access

This project can be checked out through anonymous access with the following command (use the dos prompt if on a windows machine).

svn co svn:// BuildingTcl

Users of Windows machines are encouraged to look at TortoiseSVN

For those unable to use svn, here is a version of the code . It may be outdated!