Mourinho declared real Madrid was treated unfairly

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Mourinho declared real Madrid was treated unfairly

Post by runningfree » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:25 pm

Since the ball news yesterday published jose mourinho interview in the first part, jose mourinho declared cristiano ronaldo from the universe, and that if cristiano ronaldo can't get golden globe word is crime. Since the ball news published today in the second part of the interview, jose mourinho and that real Madrid and pepe didn't treated fairly, and at the same time, he also talked about the method's exam and Cohen's lang's future, "marca" the full text of the transfer.

In the interview in the beginning, jose mourinho is suspected against Barcelona by referee: "the players should understand that, if they played bad, that will be nothing. And if some team played bad, but can still win. Now the league points difference is very big, but we still have plenty of time."

Mourinho has talked about Barcelona and real Madrid two giants football concept: "there are many philosophers, there is only one way to play football. There are many ways to play football, and now the two teams in the same level, although system different."

Jose mourinho memories from last season: "the real record-breaking team, is real Madrid. Real Madrid get the most integral, scoring the most goals, to get the most games number... but now it seems that real Madrid seems to have no power in soccer in with the correct position.

West media rumours about real Madrid are interested introducing method's exam, jose mourinho denied that: "the method's examination could not join. He is our city rivals star and core, before is aguero. In real Madrid and atletico Madrid between, with unwritten non-aggression agreement. But anyway, method, take an examination of is a great great player."

Cohen, lang was blocked by 50 days, west media widely in the winter he will return to benfica, jose mourinho talked about your golden retriever: "now the media are very easy to invention or lie. Cohen's lang are now the situation is not good, but he impossible in January regression benfica."

Because iniesta and happen spat, pepe recently suffered from the Spanish media attack. "Pepe is the referee damage, as long as he foul always eat yellow card." Jose mourinho maintenance pepe, "pepe image was stopped, but in fact he is a fantastic player, he has a great personality, he also continue to grow. He really done no wrong before, but now he much progress in the dressing room, he has to respect."

Jose mourinho talked about last he force-out of ricardo carvalho: "we were all think that he wants to go, because we have ramos and pepe this group of great partner, but also have vara internal and albi ORR these excellent substitute, but in the end he decided to stay. For us, this is not a problem. But for him, it may be a problem, because he wants to play more."