Welcome! This page is under construction and will be so for awhile. The documentaion, the most important source of information for the users, is somewhat behind in it's development. (What programmer ever likes to work on the documentation!) However, the provision of suitable documentation is now a top priority.

  1. Primers
    There are a few basic primers which have been put together to show how to use the basic interpreter. While the command language is simple, it is useful for new developers to get aquanted with the overall design as there is typically a one to one correspondence between commands and method invocations or class constructors.

  2. Class Specifications
    For a detailed description of each of the classes in OpenSees have a look at the class interface. For each class a description of the classes usage, it's constructors and each individual method is (or at least will be) provided.
  3. OpenSees Dynamic API is a pdf document providing a description of how to add new materials and elements into OpenSees.