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This command is used to construct a ShellNLDKGQ element object accounting for the geometric nonlinearity of large deformation using the updated Lagrangian formula, which is developed based on the ShellDKGQ element.

element ShellNLDKGQ $eleTag $iNode $jNode $kNode $lNode $secTag

$eleTag unique element object tag
$iNode $jNode $kNode $lNode four nodes defining element boundaries, input in clockwise or counter-clockwise order around the element.
$secTag tag associated with previously-defined SectionForceDeformation object.

Currently can be a PlateFiberSection, a ElasticMembranePlateSection and a LayeredShell section.


  1. Three examples of this element can be found on the following URL


[1] Lu XZ, Xie LL, Guan H, Huang YL, Lu X, A shear wall element for nonlinear seismic analysis of super-tall buildings using OpenSees, Finite Elements in Analysis & Design, 2015, 98: 14-25.

Code Developed by : Lisha Wang, Tsinghua University, Prof. Xinzheng Lu, Tsinghua University, Linlin Xie, Tsinghua University, Prof. Song Cen, Tsinghua University and Prof. Quan Gu, Xiamen University