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This command is used to construct a SectionAggregator object which aggregates groups previously-defined UniaxialMaterial objects into a single section force-deformation model. Each UniaxialMaterial object represents the section force-deformation response for a particular section degree-of-freedom (dof). There is no interaction between responses in different dof directions. The aggregation can include one previously defined section.

section Aggregator $secTag $matTag1 $dof1 $matTag2 $dof2 ....... <-section $sectionTag>

$secTag unique section tag
$matTag1 $matTag2 ... tag of previously-defined UniaxialMaterial objects
$dof1 $dof2 ... the force-deformation quantity to be modeled by this section object. One of the following section dof may be used:
P Axial force-deformation
Mz Moment-curvature about section local z-axis
Vy Shear force-deformation along section local y-axis
My Moment-curvature about section local y-axis
Vz Shear force-deformation along section local z-axis
T Torsion Force-Deformation
$sectionTag tag of previously-defined Section object to which the UniaxialMaterial objects are aggregated as additional force-deformation relationships



section Aggregator 2 2 Vy -section 4; # create new section with IDtag 2, taking the existing material tag 2 to represent the shear and adding it to the existing section tag 4, which may be a fiber section where the interaction betweeen axial force and flexure is already considered.


Read if you're using moment-curvature in beamWithHinges element to represent moment-rotation, or vice versa

Code Developed by: Micheal H. Scott, Oregon State