Parallel Material

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This command is used to construct a parallel material object made up of an arbitrary number of previously-constructed UniaxialMaterial objects.

uniaxialMaterial Parallel $matTag $tag1 $tag2 ... <-factors $fact1 $fact2 ...>

$matTag integer tag identifying material
$tag1 $tag2 ... identification tags of materials making up the material model
$fact1 $fact2 ... factors to create a linear combination of the specified materials. Factors can be negative to subtract one material from an other. (optional, default = 1.0)

The parallel material is represented graphically: ParallelMaterial.gif

In a parallel model, strains are equal and stresses and stiffnesses are additive: ParallelMaterialExample.gif

Code Developed by: fmk

Images Developed by: Silvia Mazzoni