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A two-day workshop on OpenSees sponsored by NEES and PEER.

September 2-3, 2010

University of California, Richmond Field Station

Day 1 : Getting Started

  1. Introduction to OpenSees, Gregory L. Fenves
  2. Getting Started with OpenSees, Frank McKenna
  3. Nonlinear Analysis Theory, Filip Fillippou
  4. OpenSeees Analysis, Frank McKenna
  5. Lunch
  6. Structural Modeling with Examples, Silvia Mazzoni
  7. Geotechnical Modeling with Examples, Pedro Arduino
  8. Recorders, Frank McKenna
  9. Hands-On, Frank McKenna

Day 2: Advanced Topics & Tools

  1. Parallel Processing & OpenSees, Frank McKenna
  2. Cloud Computing with NEEShub & OpenSees, Greg Rodgers
  3. NEEShub Hands-On, Greg Rodgers
  4. Lunch
  5. Reliability/Sensitivity, Armen Der Kiureghian
  6. Reliability/Sensitivity in OpenSees, Micheal Scott
  7. BuildingTcl, Silvia Mazzoni
  8. OpenSeesPL, Jinchi Lu
  9. OpenSeesNavigator, Andreas Schellenberg

exercise material: