Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Gap Material

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This command is used to construct an elastic perfectly-plastic gap uniaxial material object.

uniaxialMaterial ElasticPPGap $matTag $E $Fy $gap <$eta> <damage>

$matTag integer tag identifying material
$E tangent
$Fy stress or force at which material reaches plastic state
$gap initial gap (strain or deformation)
$eta hardening ratio (=Eh/E), which can be negative
$damage an optional string to specify whether to accumulate damage or not in the material. With the default string, "noDamage" the gap material will re-center on load reversal. If the string "damage" is provided this recentering will not occur and gap will grow.




Error: File Not Found ElasticPPGap.tcl

ElasticPPGapPlotA.png ElasticPPGapPlotB.png

Code Developed by: Kevin Mackie, University of Central Florida