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This command is used to construct a Dodd-Restrepo steel material

uniaxialMaterial Dodd_Restrepo $tag $Fy $Fsu $ESH $ESU $Youngs $ESHI $FSHI <$OmegaFac>

$matTag Integer tag identifying material
$Fy Yield strength
$Fsu Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)
$ESH Tensile strain at initiation of strain hardening
$ESU Tensile strain at the UTS
$Youngs Modulus of elasticity
$ESHI Tensile strain for a point on strain hardening curve, recommended range of values for ESHI: [ (ESU + 5*ESH)/6, (ESU + 3*ESH)/4]
$FSHI Tensile stress at point on strain hardening curve corresponding to ESHI
$OmegaFac Roundedness factor for Bauschinger curve in cycle reversals from the strain hardening curve. Range: [0.75, 1.15]. Largest value tends to near a bilinear Bauschinger curve. Default = 1.0.

Note: Stresses and strains are defined in engineering terms, as they are reported in a tensile test.



Code Developed by : L.L. Dodd & J.I. Restrepo

Dodd, L. L. and Restrepo-Posada, J. I. (1995). Model for Predicting Cyclic Behaviour of Reinforcing Steel. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, V.121, No 3, pp. 433-445.