Concrete02 Material -- Linear Tension Softening

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uniaxialMaterial Concrete02 $matTag $fpc $epsc0 $fpcu $epsU $lambda $ft $Ets

$matTag integer tag identifying material
$fpc concrete compressive strength at 28 days (compression is negative)*
$epsc0 concrete strain at maximum strength*
$fpcu concrete crushing strength *
$epsU concrete strain at crushing strength*
$lambda ratio between unloading slope at $epscu and initial slope
$ft tensile strength
$Ets tension softening stiffness (absolute value) (slope of the linear tension softening branch)


  • Compressive concrete parameters should be input as negative values.
  • The initial slope for this model is (2*$fpc/$epsc0)


Mohd Hisham Mohd Yassin, "Nonlinear Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures under Monotonic and Cycling Loads", PhD dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 1994.


Comparison of Hysteretic Stress-Strain Relation for Concerete01 versus Concrete02 materials.


Code Developed by: Filip Filippou, UC Berkeley

Images Developed by: Silvia Mazzoni