Add A New Material

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The OpenSees applications allows developers to use their own material modules to the application. Unlike most other programs, the materials are added at run-time and not at compile time. The advantage of this is the the developers:

  1. Do not need the OpenSees source files or libraries to compile and link the application.
  2. Can share their modules with others without having to provide the source code.

The material modules can be written using either C++, C, or Fortran. Whatever the language the developer wishes to use, the material modules make use of the OpenSees API.

  1. Add a New UniaxialMaterial C++
  2. Add a New UniaxialMaterial C
  3. Add a New UniaxialMaterial Fortran
  4. Add a New nDMaterial C++
  5. Add a New nDMaterial C
  6. Add a New ndMaterial Fortran