Tcl Procedure for Reliability

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Tcl Procedure for Reliability

Post by giorgioirotina » Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:45 am

I have to perform reliability analysis of several different configurations of the same structure.
Since the problem is always the same I defined a procedure where the only inputs are R and S.
When I call the procedure I get the results once and the second time I get an error.
Here is the procedure

proc betaFORM {R S } {


randomVariable 1 lognormal -mean $R -stdv [expr $R*.18]
randomVariable 2 gumbel -mean $S -stdv [expr $S*.1]
randomVariable 3 normal -mean 1.1 -stdv [expr 1.1*.06]
randomVariable 4 normal -mean 1. -stdv .05
randomVariable 5 normal -mean 1. -stdv .02
randomVariable 6 normal -mean 1. -stdv .1

parameter 1 randomVariable 1
parameter 2 randomVariable 2
parameter 3 randomVariable 3
parameter 4 randomVariable 4
parameter 5 randomVariable 5
parameter 6 randomVariable 6

performanceFunction 1 "\$par(1)-(\$par(2)*\$par(3)*\$par(4)*\$par(5)*\$par(6))"

functionEvaluator Tcl
gradientEvaluator FiniteDifference -pert 1000
startPoint Mean
runFOSMAnalysis barFOSM.out
probabilityTransformation Nataf
searchDirection iHLRF
reliabilityConvergenceCheck Standard -e1 1.0e-4 -e2 1.0e-4
stepSizeRule Fixed -stepSize 1.0
findDesignPoint StepSearch -maxNumIter 10

runFORMAnalysis barFORM.out

set beta $betaFORM(1)
puts "beta $beta"

return $beta


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Re: Tcl Procedure for Reliability

Post by mhscott » Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:06 pm

Add the 'wipeReliability' command ... your error is probably due to multiply defined rv tags.

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