two zero length elements at the same location

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two zero length elements at the same location

Post by YanYang » Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:33 pm

Hello, everyone.

I'd like to ask a question:

I define three nodes at the same location when I use the zero length element, and two zero length elements are created. Does this make the analysis abnormal? I observe that the force-deformation of zero length element is abnormal, but the modal analysis is normal.
code similar to this:

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op.node(1, 0, 0) 
op.node(2, 0, 0) 
op.node(3, 0, 0) 
op.element('zeroLength', 1, *[1,2], '-mat', *[x, x, x], '-dir', *[1,2,3])
op.element('zeroLength', 2, *[2,3], '-mat', *[x, x, x], '-dir', *[1,2,3])        

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