Brick Masonry Modeling

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Brick Masonry Modeling

Post by vijayiitbbs » Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:10 pm

Hi everyone, my model is a 4 walled brick masonry structure that modeled with std brick elements. i need to create at least 50,000 nodes because of brick and mortar layers. I tried different types of system commands (SparseGeneral, UmfPack, SparseSPD) but none is able to solve the problem. the error i am getting is:

Cant't expand MemType 0:jcol 11648
Warning superLU::solve(void)-Error 7.95051e+008 returned in factorization rf()
Warning Linear::solveCurrentStep()-the LinearSOE failed in solve()
StaticAnalysis::analyse()- the Algorithm failed at iteration: 0 with domain load factor 1
opensees > analyze failed, returned: -3 error flag

help me please!