Runtime error occured at the analysis

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Runtime error occured at the analysis

Post by sreedharrao144 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:14 am

Sir,I am working on soil structure interaction problem.My soil domain is having 107666 nodes and 105000 elements.Elements are quadrilateral plain strain elements.Structure is also having around 100 nodes.Interface between soil and structure also modeled correctly.At the boundary nodes of soil Lysimer Kuhlemeyer boundary conditions are applied along with nodal reactions obtained from static analysis.Ground motion also applied the system. While analyzing the domain i.e linear time history analysis of displacements and forces in the structure nodes,I m getting message as follows. "This application has requested the run time to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the applications support team for more information." I m using the following analysis commands.Please check this commands and suggest me suitable commands for analysis.Your reply is extremely important for my thesis work.Right now I am at ending time of my thesis.I will be waiting for ur valuable reply.

constraints Transformation ;
numberer RCM ;
system UmfPack;
test NormDispIncr 1.0e-8 6;
algorithm Newton ;
integrator Newmark 0.5 0.25 ;
analysis Transient;
analyze 1000 0.02;

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Re: Runtime error occured at the analysis

Post by fmk » Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:36 pm

you may be running out of memory .. the transformation method may be causing a lot of fill in the matrix equation .. try a Penalty method to see if the analysis oes through .. another option is to try SparseSYM solver to reduce the amount of memory required to store the matrix.