Running OpenSeesSP

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Running OpenSeesSP

Post by faramarz » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:01 am

Hello Dr. McKenna,
Dr. McKenna, I have a model that I intend to analyze with parallel OpenSeesSP2.5.0 in the 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. I've read all the features I've been presented to you, but for the first time I do this, I do not get much notice of it. I encounter some problems and need some guidance on some occasions
I installed MPICH2, I changed the system token to system mumps, but I have two problems :
1) How to specify the number of processors in my system and with what syntax ???? If you can make an example, should I go to OpenSeesSP.exe with my syntax under my model { mpiexec -np numProcs? OpenSeesApp tclscript} ?????

2) There are three programs (wmpiconfig.exe-wmpiexec.exe-wmpiregister.exe) in the folder under C: \ Program Files \ MPICH2 \ bin; the account and password are needed; your meaning of the account and password is account and password each person on the OpenSees site; Is there a need for parallel analysis for these three programs to be registered ?????

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