Almost working

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Almost working

Post by aarenas » Wed May 21, 2008 11:59 am

I have an script that run with OS 2.0 in about 1.5 hrs. I download and install everything need to run OS parallel.

In my analysis config I have system ProfileSPD. With this config the parallel version gave me an error and stop running. then I replace all the sytem Profile SPD with system Mumps -ICNTL14 100 as suggested by Frank. With this change the solver do not converge for gravity turn on stage, where the OS 2.0 did. Then the parallel version start to analyze the next stage which is plastic turn on, but this stage is not going to converge since gravity didn't. In additon, I tried using differentsolver for the gravity turn on, but they gave errors.

Any suggestion to overcome this issue??



PS: This a great software and now is more over interesting with parallel power.

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