About the mumps solver lib files

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About the mumps solver lib files

Post by neallee » Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:39 am

frank, i have some problems with the Parallel version of opensees.
How could i obtain the files in windows Mpich2 environment, like blacsCinit_MPI-Win32.lib
Actually ,i may try to compile or install these packages, but i am not quite sure what is the environment which you are using. So, could you please describe the parallel libs configuration and environment settings in detail? Thanks.

Did you compile these lib files using vs2008? The packages used in the OpenSeesMP are mpiblacs, scalapack and mumps, isn't it?
Have you used some special windows' development environment? like cgywin or MinGW?
thank you very much!

(ps: I try to compile the Linux MP versioni of opensees. i compile the libs as the sequence, blas, lapack, blacs, scalapck, mumps. However, these libs can not be configured well under windows system platform. what's the method you have done to create the libs i metioned above? Could you please give me some suggestions to generate these libs? I am using vista ultimate 32bit with visual studio 2008, intel fortran, MPICH2.)

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Post by fmk » Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:49 pm

i have not placed these libs in the distribution.

i am using windows vista and also xp. i built the libs using visual studio with intel fortran compiler for windows.

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