Time consumed in analysis

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Time consumed in analysis

Post by mrathore » Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:02 am

I made a very very small script that might be useful to some of OpenSees users. Earlier I had to use a stopwatch to see what is the time required for a particular analysis and so I used following script.

Place the following line at the start of master tcl input file (say all.tcl)

Code: Select all

set startTime [clock clicks -milliseconds]
Then call all the input tcl files (say geom.tcl, eigen.tcl, gravity.tcl, dynamic.tcl, etc.) here.
And finally at the end put following lines of same master file (i.e. all.tcl)

Code: Select all

set finishTime [clock clicks -milliseconds];
set timeSeconds  [expr ($finishTime-$startTime)/1000];
set timeMinutes  [expr ($timeSeconds/60)];
set timeHours    [expr ($timeSeconds/3600)];
set timeMinutes  [expr ($timeMinutes - $timeHours*60)];
set timeSeconds  [expr ($timeSeconds - $timeMinutes*60 - $timeHours*3600)];
puts "\n----------------------------------";
#puts "\a";
puts "TOTAL TIME TAKEN $timeHours:$timeMinutes:$timeSeconds";
The above script will display time consumed by the analysis in format HH:MM:SS. If you want to hear an audio tone at the end of analysis then remove # from second last line.


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Post by silvia » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:24 pm

you can also do stuff like:

set thisStartTime [clock format [clock seconds]]
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