Why ruins of Angkor in Cambodia is famous?

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Why ruins of Angkor in Cambodia is famous?

Post by passionindochina » Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:42 am

Cambodia is one of the best traveling place in the world. There are many places that attracted to the travelers. The travelers decide to visit Cambodia in May to December. The best part of this Southeast Asian gem is that ruins of Angkor. It was built by the then ruling god-kings in honor of the great Hindu god Vishnu. The actual intention behind creating this was to improve upon their ancestor’s structures in size, scale, and symmetry. Needless to say that due to its immense significance, Angkor Wat is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to visit the Cambodia, Passionindochinatravel.com is the one of the best travel agency offer good services to the travelers. They have provided a good guider to help for visiting the places of Cambodia
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