problem with the results of the pushover analysis

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problem with the results of the pushover analysis

Post by parasismique » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:54 pm

I have a problem with the results of the pushover analysis. When I drew the graph I had a linear relationship between force and displacement. I used different algorithms (Newton, NewtonLineSearch, InitialNewton, KrylovNewton and diffrent displacement increments and little relaxed tolerance but eventually the analysis always gave a linear relationship.
I used "integratorDisplacementControl $node $dof $incr" .
I would like to know what else i can to do achieve successful pushover analysis to avoid numerical problem, please?

The tolerance value use 1.0e-6 (units: N, mm, MPa).

I specify that my model is a RC column using fiber section. I am using nonlinear BeamColumn element with zero length element and I define the lateral load as a proportion of the weight.

I appriciate your help, Thank you in advance.

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