Simple Truss with cyclic loading - Need help

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Simple Truss with cyclic loading - Need help

Post by Edwardsimm » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:28 am

Hi Everyone :) :) :)

I have encountered a problem with my Recorder Node - function, when I run the code, the program generates an .out file but nothing appears within the file?

Have I written the function in an incorrect way? or is there something wrong with my PATH set-up?
Could someone run the script and see if they get the same outcome?


model BasicBuilder -ndm 1 -ndf 1

node 1 0.0
node 2 1.0

set E 30000.0
set b 0.1
set Fy 60.0
uniaxialMaterial Steel02 1 $Fy $E $b

set A 1.0
element Truss 1 1 2 $A 1

set P 100.0
timeSeries Trig 1 0 100 10
pattern Plain 1 1 {
load 2 $P

recorder element -file u.out -time -node 2 -dof 1 disp
recorder element -file r.out -time -node 1 -dof 1 reaction

constraints Transformation
numberer RCM
test NormDispIncr 1.0e-6 10 1
algorithm Newton
system BandGen
integrator LoadControl 0.1
analysis Static

Kindest regards,


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