Post-slip linear bearing issue using Self Centering Material

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Post-slip linear bearing issue using Self Centering Material

Post by baikunthasilwal » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:37 pm

Good Afternoon,

I am using the self centering material for parametric study based on the link below. ... g_Material

Although I have varied the Post-slip linear bearing from 0 to 1, I am unable to see the response of post-lip linear bearing after post-activation region. The link above shows the pose-slip linear spring response as shown in Figure 3, 6, and 7 for the El Centro Earthquake, but the self-centering material does not reflect such response. Please advice me how we can model and get the response using self-centering material or the such pose-slip linear bearing can not be shown using this material. Or does the material properties was modified to remove this portion of response.

Please suggest me how can we activate such post-slip linear bearing. If this portion of post-slip linear bearing was removed from the program, let me know how we can modify the self-centering material to incorporate this behavior.

How difficult to add this post-slip linear bearing modifying self-centering material in the OpenSees?

I am looking forward to receive feedback about the issue.

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