bug in DruckerPragerPlaneStrain

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bug in DruckerPragerPlaneStrain

Post by kstn » Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:13 pm

Hi OpenSees developers,

I think there is a bug in function DruckerPragerPlaneStrain::getInitialTangent

The current code is:

const Matrix& DruckerPragerPlaneStrain::getInitialTangent()
tangent(0,0) = mCep(0,0);
tangent(0,1) = mCep(0,1);
tangent(0,2) = mCep(0,3);
tangent(1,0) = mCep(1,0);
tangent(1,1) = mCep(1,1);
tangent(1,2) = mCep(1,3);
tangent(2,0) = mCep(3,0);
tangent(2,1) = mCep(3,1);
tangent(2,2) = mCep(3,3);

return tangent;

Instead of getting value of mCep, values of mCe should be taken instead. Between, do we have Drucker Prager for plane stress ?


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