Documentation for FE formulation.

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Documentation for FE formulation.

Post by nspk » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:47 am

It seems most of the Opensees FE formulation for getting the matrices and vectors is following from Frank Mckenna's Thesis Section 3.2 of thesis-Object-Oriented Finite Element Programming: Frameworks for Analysis, Algorithms and Parallel.

But is there any further reference on this way of doing things to get a more detailed look or to digest it better? I do not mean any general book like Zienkiewicz , something which has same or similar FE formulation as above or Opensees.

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Re: Documentation for FE formulation.

Post by fmk » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:17 am

not really. if it is the element formulations you are looking for, that is just straight forward finite element stuff. If it is the design of OpenSees and how the different classes work together,
other than the dissertation, these 2 might help:

McKenna, F., M.H. Scott, and G.L. Fenves. "Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Software Architecture Using Object Composition." Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 24(1):95-107, January 2010.

Scott, M.H., G.L. Fenves, F. McKenna, and F.C. Filippou. "Software Patterns for Nonlinear Beam-Column Models." Journal of Structural Engineering, 134(4):562-571, April 2008.

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