Warning - Analysis wipeAnalysis not invoked

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Warning - Analysis wipeAnalysis not invoked

Post by leftyM0use » Mon May 10, 2021 10:14 am


I am working in complicated 3D model for my thesys and today this error appeared to me:

WARNING: analysis .. existing TransientAnalysis exists => wipeAnalysis not invoked, problems may arise

This is my code of analysis detail:

constraints Transformation;
numberer RCM;
system BandGeneral;
test EnergyIncr 1e-6 100 0;
algorithm Newton;
integrator LoadControl 1;
analysis Static;
analyze 1;

Maybe the warning is normal, I don't know... But if there is a problem with the code, any suggestions?
I am kinda a newbie in opensees and all responses will be gladly received.

Thank you for helping me <3

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