Recorder Display Command For Mac

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Recorder Display Command For Mac

Post by KevinNTU » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:38 pm

Dear Frank,

So I am using the Opensees3.2.2 for Mac version. I was trying to run the example code for Pushover Analysis of 2-story Moment Frame from the official website but failed to generate a pop up window that suppose to show the deformed structure. When I use windows system, the window does show up.
The example link: ... ment_Frame
Though the pop up window doesn't show up, the code is able to give output files.

So I dived into the code and figured that the problem might come from the command "recorder display". And I found this in a PPT slides ( ... Output.pdf) with an short example code at page 19-20:
set h 120
recorder display “Mode Shape 1” 10 10 500 500
prp $h $h 1
vup 0 1 0
vpn 0 0 1
viewWindow -200 200 -200 200
Display -1 5 20

I created another .tcl file and ran it... It failed and returned an integer "-1".

Also, I found this forum:

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63521&p=114846&hili ... ay#p114846
And would like to do has the issues been solved since then?

Thank you!
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