recorder Node -time & -timeSeries

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recorder Node -time & -timeSeries

Post by Ulbong » Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:04 pm

Hi guys.

I'm wondering differences between '-time' and '-timeSeries' command at 'recorder Node' command

because I'm trying to do dynamic analysis for Lumped Massed Stick Model (2nd floor)

and I want to compare each absolute accelerations and displacements results between SAP2000 and Opensees node on top.

But there're some difference acceleration and displacement in 2nd mode.

What's wrong with it? T.T

Here's my scripts

# DYNAMIC ground-motion analysis -------------------------------------------------------------
# create load pattern
set G 9800
timeSeries Path 1 -dt 0.005 -filePath RSN175.tcl -factor 1; # define acceleration vector from file (dt=0.005 is associated with the input file gm)
timeSeries Path 1001 -dt 0.005 -filePath RSN175.tcl -factor 1;
pattern UniformExcitation 1 1 -accel 1; # define where and how (pattern tag, dof) acceleration is applied

recorder Node -file MODE/AFree.out -time -node 3 -dof 1 2 3 accel; # acceleration of free nodes
recorder Node -file MODE/DFree.out -time -node 3 -dof 1 2 3 disp; # displacements of free nodes
recorder Node -file MODE/AFreeAb.out -timeSeries 1001 -time -node 3 -dof 1 accel; # acceleration of support nodes
recorder Node -file MODE/DFreeAb.out -timeSeries 1001 -time -node 3 -dof 1 disp;

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