Excitation not giving any output

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Excitation not giving any output

Post by asmith » Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:16 am


I am fairly new to OpenSees but have constructed a 3D, single bay, two storey RC frame. The frame is based off an example frame I was given. This simple frame had 4 nodes at ground floor, first floor and second floor but I have adjusted this as eventually I will placing external reinforcement onto the frame. I have added additional nodes along the length of the columns, beams and girders to allow for this addition later on.
The original frame I was given had a time-history analysis file with it that applied a uniform ground excitation to each of the four base nodes and recorded displacements at the first and second floor. I though this code would be transferable to my structure as the base nodes tags etc had not changed. When I attempt to apply this time history analysis to my new frame, it creates the output displacement files but there is no data within them, and the analysis is over very quickly meaning it isn't actually analysing the structure.

I am fairly certain my new frame is constructed OK as the periods etc match very well and I have gone through over and over to try and find errors.

I wonder if anybody has encountered a similar issue, or can think of issues that may arise, from this.

Any help is really appreciated.

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