question about eigen

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question about eigen

Post by baijiulin » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:46 am

hi,I have built a 3D model ,when I want to get the eigenvalue use the command like :

puts [eigen 1]
eigen frequency 1
recorder Node -file $data/eigenvectors1.out -iNode $SupportNodeFirst -jNode $FreeNodeID -dof 1 "eigen 1"
set outfile [open "eigenvalues.txt" "w"]
set eigenvalues [eigen 1]
puts $outfile $eigenvalues
close $outfile

There will be wrong like:
WARNING BandGenLinSOE::BandGenLinSOE: ran out of menory for A {size,super,sub}{15966,1237,1237}
WANG ArpackSOE::ArpackSOE:-LinearSOE-failed in setSize
StaticAnalysis is :: handle{} - EigenSOE::setSize{}failedStaticAnalysis::eigen{}-domaininChanged failed

I don't konw why this happen, thank you for your answer!

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Post by fmk » Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:43 pm

did you look at the warning message! .. your model is too big for this particular solver .. try another solver
[url] ... en_Command[/url]

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