Problem with damage recorder for zerolength element

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Problem with damage recorder for zerolength element

Post by fereshtehnejad » Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:21 am


I have encountered a problem in getting a damage recorder for a zero-length element. The recorder i wrote is:
recorder ElementDamage 31 -file data/damage1.out -dof 3 -damage 50

But this was written on the screen as a result of the analysis:
WARNING recorder ElementDamage: Section keyword not specified 0.6

As a guess I tried to add a sectionID:
recorder ElementDamage 31 -file data/damage1.out -section 1 -dof 3 -damage 50

and this was displayed on the screen:
DamageRecorder::DamageRecorder - out of memory creating deformation response

would you please help me with that?

Thanks for your attention

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