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FORM analysis

Post by mskim » Sun May 20, 2018 8:50 pm


I have a problem when run FORM analysis in opensees.

I attach my code below.
I would like to know why running this code will cause opensees to stop working.
puts "DonePushover"

randomVariable 1 lognormal -mean $Hload -stdv [expr 0.1*$Hload]

parameter 10 randomVariable 1 loadPattern 2 loadAtNode 2 1

performanceFunction 11 "7.0e-17 -\[nodeDisp 2 1\]"

gradPerformanceFunction 11 1 "-\[sensNodeDisp 2 1 11\]"

# FORM analysis option

sensitivityIntegrator -static
sensitivityAlgorithm -computeAtEachStep

randomNumberGenerator CStdLib

probabilityTransformation Nataf -print 3

reliabilityConvergenceCheck Standard -e1 1.0e-2 -e2 1.0e-2 -print 1

functionEvaluator Tcl -file "analyze 1"

gradientEvaluator OpenSees
searchDirection iHLRF
meritFunctionCheck AdkZhang -multi 2.0 -add 50 -factor 0.5
stepSizeRule Armijo -maxNum 10 -base 0.5 -initial 0.3 5
startPoint Mean
findDesignPoint StepSearch -maxNumIter 30
runFORMAnalysis matnonlinear_FOSM.txt

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