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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace.

Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.
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Name Default message text
Current message text
syntaxhighlight-desc (Talk)Provides syntax highlighting <tt><nowiki><source></nowiki></tt> using [ GeSHi Highlighter]
syntaxhighlight-specify (Talk)You need to specify a language like this:
syntaxhighlight-supported (Talk)Supported languages for syntax highlighting:
syntaxhighlight-err-loading (Talk)(error loading supported language list)
syntaxhighlight-err-language (Talk)Invalid language.
geshi.css (Talk)/* CSS placed here will be applied to GeSHi syntax highlighting */
usermerge (Talk)Merge and delete users
usermerge-desc (Talk)[[Special:UserMerge|Merges references from one user to another user]] in the wiki database - will also delete old users following merge. Requires ''usermerge'' privileges
usermerge-badolduser (Talk)Invalid old username
usermerge-badnewuser (Talk)Invalid new username
usermerge-nonewuser (Talk)Empty new username - assuming merge to "$1".<br /> Click "{{int:usermerge-submit}}" to accept.
usermerge-noolduser (Talk)Empty old username
usermerge-fieldset (Talk)Usernames to merge
usermerge-olduser (Talk)Old user (merge from):
usermerge-newuser (Talk)New user (merge to):
usermerge-deleteolduser (Talk)Delete old user
usermerge-submit (Talk)Merge user
usermerge-badtoken (Talk)Invalid edit token
usermerge-userdeleted (Talk)$1 ($2) has been deleted.
usermerge-userdeleted-log (Talk)Deleted user: $2 ($3)
usermerge-updating (Talk)Updating $1 table ($2 to $3)
usermerge-success (Talk)Merge from $1 ($2) to $3 ($4) is complete.
usermerge-success-log (Talk)User $2 ($3) merged to $4 ($5)
usermerge-logpage (Talk)User merge log
usermerge-logpagetext (Talk)This is a log of user merge actions.
usermerge-noselfdelete (Talk)You cannot delete or merge from yourself!
usermerge-unmergable (Talk)Unable to merge from user - ID or name has been defined as unmergable.
usermerge-protectedgroup (Talk)Unable to merge from user - user is in a protected group.
right-usermerge (Talk)Merge users
nuke (Talk)Mass delete
nuke-desc (Talk)Gives administrators the ability to [[Special:Nuke|mass delete]] pages
nuke-nopages (Talk)No new pages by [[Special:Contributions/$1|$1]] in recent changes.
nuke-list (Talk)The following pages were recently created by [[Special:Contributions/$1|$1]]; put in a comment and hit the button to delete them.
nuke-defaultreason (Talk)Mass removal of pages added by $1
nuke-tools (Talk)This tool allows for mass deletions of pages recently added by a given user or IP. Input the username or IP to get a list of pages to delete.
nuke-submit-user (Talk)Go
nuke-submit-delete (Talk)Delete selected
right-nuke (Talk)Mass delete pages
sidebar (Talk) * navigation ** mainpage|mainpage-description ** portal-url|portal ** currentevents-url|currentevents ** recentchanges-url|recentchanges ** randompage-url|randompage ** helppage|help * SEARCH * TOOLBOX * LANGUAGES
* navigation ** | OpenSees Home ** | Message Board ** | OpenSees Wiki ** | User Documetation ** | Download Page ** | Source Code
tog-underline (Talk)Link underlining:
tog-highlightbroken (Talk)Format broken links <a href="" class="new">like this</a> (alternative: like this<a href="" class="internal">?</a>)
tog-justify (Talk)Justify paragraphs
tog-hideminor (Talk)Hide minor edits in recent changes
tog-hidepatrolled (Talk)Hide patrolled edits in recent changes
tog-newpageshidepatrolled (Talk)Hide patrolled pages from new page list
tog-extendwatchlist (Talk)Expand watchlist to show all changes, not just the most recent
tog-usenewrc (Talk)Use enhanced recent changes (requires JavaScript)
tog-numberheadings (Talk)Auto-number headings
tog-showtoolbar (Talk)Show edit toolbar (requires JavaScript)
tog-editondblclick (Talk)Edit pages on double click (requires JavaScript)
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