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RigidDiaphragm command

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This command is used to construct a number of Multi-Point Constraint (MP_Constraint) objects. These objects will constraint certain degrees-of-freedom at the listed slave nodes to move as if in a rigid plane with the master node.

rigidDiaphragm $perpDirn $masterNodeTag $slaveNodeTag1 $slaveNodeTag2 ...

$perpDirn direction perpendicular to the rigid plane (i.e. direction 3 corresponds to the 1-2 plane)
$masterNodeTag integer tag identifying the master node
$slaveNodeTag1 $slaveNodeTag2 ... integar tags identifying the slave nodes

NOTE: The constraint object is constructed assuming small rotations.

NOTE: The rigidDiaphragm command works only for problems in three dimensions with six-degrees-of-freedom at the nodes (ndf = 6).


rigidDiaphragm 2 2 4 5 6; constrain nodes 4,5,6 to move as if in the same x-z plane as node 2.

Code Developed by: fmk

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