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Print Command

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This command is used to print output to screen or file.

To print all objects of the domain:

print <$fileName>

To print node information:

print <$fileName> -node <-flag $flag> <$node1 $node2 ...>

To print element information:

print <$fileName> -ele <-flag $flag> <$ele1 $ele2 ...>

$fileName (optional) name of file to which data will be sent. overwrites existing file. default is to print to stderr)
$flag integer flag to be sent to the print() method, depending on the node and element type (optional)
$node1 $node2 .. (optional) integer tags of nodes to be printed. default is to print all.
$ele1 $ele2 .. (optional) integer tags of elements to be printed. default is to print all.


print -ele; # print all elements

print -node 1 2 3; # print data for nodes 1,2 & 3

Code Developed by: fmk

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