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OpenSees on NEEShub, Aug 2011

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In addition to being a platform that runs on a personal computer, OpenSees is now available for use on NEEShub ( through the OpenSeesLaboratory tool. By using this free tool, users can run analyses remotely on the NEEShub machines that are extremely fast. This can be very useful to advanced OpenSees users because it will drastically decrease computational time for large models or analyses that need to perform many runs. For new users, the OpenSeesLaboratory tool allows you to trial OpenSees without any initial set-up or installation.

This session focuses on how to use OpenSees through the OpenSeesLaboratory tool on NEEShub. It covers the following:

  • How to get a personal storage on NEEShub
  • How to find the OpenSees Laboratory tool on NEEShub
  • How to send an OpenSees input file to your storage on NEEShub
  • How to run your file using OpenSees Laboratory tool
  • How to get the output files back to your own computer after the analysis is complete

PPT presentation that guides you step by step on how to run OpenSees files through NEEShub can be downloaded from here:

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