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OpenSees & Output, Nov 2011

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After an OpenSees analysis there is no output unless it is requested. There are several ways of getting output from OpenSees analysis. OpenSees commands along with Tcl commands can be combined to create different types of outputs. In this web-based seminar, the various ways of creating output in OpenSees will be discussed and the primary use of each method will be demonstrated. In addition, OpenSees commands for creating graphical images of OpenSees models are going to be demonstrated. With proper use of the output options, users will find that their speed will be enhanced when checking their model's accuracy and processing data of interest after an analysis. This seminar covers:

  • Introduction to Output options
  • OpenSees commands for creating the output: recorder, print, recorder display, commands that return values (e.g., nodeDisp) - demonstrated by examples
  • Tcl "puts" command for creating the output - demonstrated by example

PPT presentation of the seminar can be found here:

Video of the seminar can be found here:

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