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EqualDOF command

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This command is used to construct a multi-point constraint between nodes.

equalDOF $rNodeTag $cNodeTag $dof1 $dof2 ...

$rNodeTag integer tag identifying the retained, or master node (rNode)
$cNodeTag integer tag identifying the constrained, or slave node (cNode)
$dof1 $dof2 ... nodal degrees-of-freedom that are constrained at the cNode to be the same as those at the rNode
Valid range is from 1 through ndf, the number of nodal degrees-of-freedom.


equalDOF 2 3 1 3 5;

  1. impose the displacenebts at dof's 1,3 and 5 of node 3 to be the same as those of node 2.


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Code Developed by: fmk

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