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Discovering OpenSees -- Getting Started with OpenSees

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OpenSees is an open-source software framework for developing applications to simulate the performance of structural and geotechnical systems subjected to earthquakes. OpenSees interpreters (OpenSees.exe, OpenSeesSP.exe, OpenSeesMP.exe) are extensions of the Tcl interpreters (tclsh, wish) which have been extended to commands for finite element analysis (modeling, analysis, output specification). Thus, to create the model in OpenSees the user has to know the basics of Tcl programming language.

This web-learning session is primarily designed for new or beginning users to help them understand the structure of OpenSees framework, introduce them to Tcl programming language, guide them through on-line OpenSees learning resources, and demonstrate the process of creating a simple model and running it using OpenSees. It covers the following:

  • Introduction to OpenSees
  • Introduction to Tcl programming language
  • Demonstration of how to download OpenSees interpreter and install Tcl
  • Discussion of OpenSees Resources (command manual, getting started manual, examples manual, message board)
  • Example of how to create and run a small structure

PPT presentation of the seminar can be found here:

Video of the seminar can be found here:

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