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6537 21d 15h aschellenberg /trunk/SRC/ bugfix and updating Win32 & Win64 project files
6536 49d 20h fmk /trunk/SRC/ R.Rahimi - bug fix
6535 49d 20h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - removing debug
6534 52d 13h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - changes for PySimple3
6533 52d 13h fmk /trunk/SRC/ B.Turner, S.Brandenberg - initial import
6532 53d 06h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - adding sendSelf/recvSelf
6529 63d 18h aschellenberg /trunk/SRC/ updating Win32 & Win64 project files
6528 77d 06h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - changing output from 84 componets to 72 components
6527 77d 15h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding .o files for plane stress materials
6526 83d 15h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - removing debug statements
6525 83d 16h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - initial import
6524 83d 18h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - updating for new classes
6523 83d 18h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - changes for new classes
6522 83d 18h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - formatting
6521 83d 19h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - bug fixes
6520 84d 15h aschellenberg /trunk/SRC/ fix typo
6519 84d 20h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - bug fix
6518 84d 21h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - adding set/getResponse
6517 86d 10h mkiku /trunk/SRC/ mkiku - update for KikuchiAikenHDR material
6516 86d 11h cmcgann /trunk/SRC/ mcganncr - bug fixes in 9_4_QuadUP and 20_8_BrickUP where setParameter call was only sent to the first 4 and 8 materials, respectively; bug fix associated with unbalanced force in SSPquadUP; minor changes to SSPbrick, SSPquad, SSPbrickUP, and StressDensityModel

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