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6565 89d 17h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - changes for new triangular shell elements
6564 89d 17h fmk /trunk/SRC/ S. Zhang & X. Lu - initial import
6563 92d 21h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - removing some debug statements
6562 94d 17h jaabell /trunk/SRC/ Fixed unbalanced bracked by automerge.
6561 94d 18h jaabell /trunk/SRC/ Adding move constructor and move assignment operators to Matrix and Vector classes. This results in 5% to 10% speedup in computations that involve heavy usage of these classes, and dont use static allocation to avoid malloc calls. Requieres C++11 compatible compiler (tested on gcc5.4 with -std=c++11 flag).
Enable during compilation with the -DUSE_CXX11 compiler flag.
I previously added these changes into the DEVELOPER folder, now adding them into SRC, where they should have been.
6558 110d 01h jaabell /trunk/SRC/ Added option to use external Metis 5.1 libraries. Must use -D_USE_METIS_5p1 compiler flag, include the metis header file dir (METISdir on Makefile.def) and link to the library archive (METIS_LIBRARY on Makefile.def).
6556 110d 17h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Removing duplicated auxil. function definitions ... compiling and linking are two different things
6555 110d 17h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding poisson ratio to Print()
6554 110d 17h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding PM4Sand.o
6553 114d 14h parduino /trunk/SRC/ Fix PIMY to avoid solving quadratic equations with very small coefficients B and C
Added possibility to output 6 components of stress (instead of 5) to be consistent with other nD 3D models
6551 115d 12h parduino /trunk/SRC/ Adding PM4Sand Constitutive model for soils
6550 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding J2 beam fiber 3D
6549 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding J2 beam fiber 3D
6548 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding J2 beam fiber 3D to Makefile
6547 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding RC circular section integration
6546 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Changing default alpha to 1.0
6545 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Changing default alpha to 1.0
6544 116d 18h mhscott /trunk/SRC/ Adding J2 beam fiber 3D formulation
6543 120d 10h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - adding class tags
6542 120d 10h fmk /trunk/SRC/ fmk - adding composite response

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