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5989 774d 10h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - adding HoehlerStanton
5936 848d 11h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ I. Tsunezawa and M.Kikuchi - modification to interface to allow materials to be more easily added
5934 850d 05h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - adding a circle to mark current stress state
4920 1840d 09h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - adding new materials
2389 4115d 07h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - addind steel02 and concrete02
2098 4330d 09h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - adding proc for KinematicHardening (workshop 2005 example), command not added to pulldown menu, remove comment line 644 todo so
528 5791d 02h mhscott /trunk/SCRIPTS/ Adding Steel01
527 5791d 02h mhscott /trunk/SCRIPTS/ Adding series and parallel materials
526 5791d 02h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - bug fixes
525 5791d 02h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ fmk - materials get a seperate window
488 5793d 04h fmk /trunk/SCRIPTS/ *** empty log message ***