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6351 351d 19h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding compiler support for compiling python
6350 351d 19h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding defs for windows
6349 351d 19h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Define csi as int
6251 516d 21h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - adding more lapack routines
6248 521d 22h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - updating revision number 6248 and adding blas
6246 522d 15h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - adding files for VS compiler
6244 522d 22h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - additional code needed, removing parmetis option
6243 523d 10h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - initial import
6242 523d 10h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - removing old SuperLU directories
6241 523d 11h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - initial import
6176 620d 15h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ commenting out clock_gettime
6171 621d 20h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - initial import
6169 625d 13h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - initial import of updated superlu dist code
6164 635d 17h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding AMD version 2.4.1
6163 635d 17h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding new UMFPACK 5.7.1 source files
6068 726d 18h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding new Tetgen directory
5783 1111d 22h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - change for stricter intel fortran compiler
5782 1114d 20h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - changes needed for structer intel compiler
5574 1396d 15h fmk /trunk/OTHER/ fmk - updating and adding routines for dgesvxx, a lapack solver that includes iterative refinement for use with porrly conditioned matrices
5383 1496d 19h mhscott /trunk/OTHER/ Adding compile statement

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