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6285 470d 22h mhscott /trunk/Makefile removing OSver
4303 2570d 17h fmk /trunk/Makefile a test
3118 3587d 16h fmk /trunk/Makefile fmk - adding #ifdef check to see if MKDIR exists, then creates HOME/bin and HOME/lib, add MKDIR = mkdir -p to Makefile.def to use
1133 5414d 19h jeremic /trunk/Makefile changes for addition of extra info in OpenSees headers.
Boris Jeremic (
576 5833d 17h fmk /trunk/Makefile fmk - changes for NineNodeMixedQuad element
564 5835d 15h jeremic /trunk/Makefile new option: wipeall works, same as wipe + removes OpenSees executable.
543 5839d 20h jeremic /trunk/Makefile make wipe will now remove OpenSees executable. Boris
2 6183d 07h fmk /trunk/Makefile fmk - Initial Import into CVS