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6336 249d 13h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - changing Mumps solver
6198 444d 12h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - updating
6020 669d 15h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - updating revision tag to 6020
5922 775d 19h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - initial import
5921 775d 20h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - initial import
5913 783d 16h aschellenberg /trunk/EXAMPLES/ added coordinate transformation and mass type (lumped vs. consistent) options
5801 949d 19h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - uncommenting recorder commands
5778 979d 21h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - cleaning script
5777 979d 21h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - updating to use a parallel solver
5753 1060d 15h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - updating script again
5752 1060d 15h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - fixing scripts
5751 1060d 20h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - changing so both example files use common data file
5750 1060d 21h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - new example
5652 1169d 20h mhscott /trunk/EXAMPLES/ Adding discretize member proc
5651 1169d 20h mhscott /trunk/EXAMPLES/ Adding steel frame reliability example
5633 1216d 19h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - fixing mistake in example file
5607 1235d 18h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - adding SSPbrick and quads to PlanarSeharWall
5602 1237d 15h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - increasing damping ratio
5588 1243d 19h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - additional example RigidFrame3D.cpp
5579 1246d 21h fmk /trunk/EXAMPLES/ fmk - updating for both node and mass defined masses

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